Paris Rive Gauche, Paris

Paris Rive Gauche is the largest redevelopment under implementation in Paris. The 320-acres area stretches along the southeastern bank of the Seine River. The master plan established a new topography and ground bridging the preserved Austerlitz railways, further expressed with building heights increasing toward the central spine and ridge – the Avenue de France. The initial phases focused on side between the sites between river and the Avenue starting with the mixed-use quarter Tolbiac flanking the National Library (BNF). To the west is Austerlitz office quarter and to the east the emerging mixed-use research Massena quarter. While fitting with Paris traditional morphology, the project introduces contemporary interpretation and innovative typologies encouraged by each quarter’s guidelines.


Project facts

Semapa/City of Paris
320 acres
10 million sf of office/commercial, 5500 housing units
Under construction”>
Project completed with APUR (Atelier Parisen d’Urbanisme)

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