DC Yards, Washington D.C.

The DC Yards is a thriving 47-acre waterfront mixed-use development adjacent to the Navy Yards and few blocks east of the Nationals Stadium on the Anacostia River. Undertaken in 2006 for developer Forest City Washington, the master plan calls for 2800 units, 2.8M sf of offices, and 400,000 sf of retail embracing a new park on the river. Reuse of a number of historic structures, public space low impact design strategies and low energy consumption are central to achieve high performance in sustainability recognized with a LEED ND Gold level (Stage 2). Delivered as part of the first phase of implementation, the Yards Park is a new iconic destination, supporting the goal for live-and-work high standard set for the project.

Project facts

Forest City Washington
47 acres
LEED ND Gold Stage 2
Project completed with SMWM

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