Poplar Point RFEI, Washington D.C.

Located southeast of Washigton D.C. across the Nationals stadium and the Yards Poplar Point will contribute to revitalize areas along the river. The 120 acre site is also an immense opportunity for Anacostia community to reach out to the waterfront with a new regional park. Several years of planning led DC Office of Planning to organize a developer RFEI. The master plan prepared for Forest City Washington advances an innovative approach weaving open space and development, maximizing opportunities to live in contact with nature. The proposed waterfront park extends into the site as a series of “fingers” interwoven with “piers” of development. The compact mixed-use development focuses on the existing metro station providing easy access to transit, minimizing use of cars and while providing high quality pedestrian environment. The broader landscape strategy integrates old and new communities.

Project facts

Forest City Washington
120 acres
RFEI Finalist
Project completed with SMWM

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