Sketchup/Layout for Architecture Integrated Workflow

Cite has extended Sketchup 3D modeling with the program Layout to offer a fully integrated workflow from initial conceptual design to schematics and construction details. 3D model, plans, and all other standard views needed for a project are integrated in a single software platform for maximum efficiency.

Below are an examples of Layout Sheets with views generated from Sketchup 3D model. 2D labels and notes are added in Layout sheets.


Samples from a Mixed Use Project



Cover Sheet                                                                  Site Plan



Basement                                                                       First Floor                                                                   Second Floor



Elevations                                                                     Elevations                                                                 Section


Samples from a Residential Project Permit Set



——-section in progress—–





Sample from a Residential Project Planning Approval Set


3D Model Overall View                                                    First Floor Plan                                                      Second Floor Plan


Roof Plan                                                                        Elevations


Street View Perspective                                               Entry Patio Perspective