Nansha International Competition, Guangzhou, China

The “urban oasis” was the concept proposed for Nansha Seaside New Eco-City International Competition. Breaking away from grandiose interventions and providing a livable harbor for the region, a carefully scaled and compact development is nestled between hills, embracing the river traversing the site. Focus is on creating a true active urban place on the waterfront while leaving substantial ecological buffers along the Delta rivers. A local network of canals and greenways reinterprets a traditional lifestyle as well providing ecological corridors and living opportunities in contact with nature. Among the low-carbon community strategies deployed is a distributed infrastructure with close loops for stormwater management. Walkable “European” block typologies support the ambition of livable place and pedestrian-friendly urban spaces.

Project facts

Bureau of Urban Planning of Guangzhou, Nansha Branch, China
4500 acres
International Competition Invitation (5 teams selected)
Project completed with Perkins+Will

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